Light Housekeeping
Maintaining a clean and orderly home can present a challenge for some. As the supportive care provider I may perform household services which will improve the home environment or living conditions, thus helping to prevent or postpone institutionalization. Eliminating the worry of household chores helps clients and their families have more time to enjoy the things that really matter to them. These services include but are not limited to:  
  • Empty all trash cans
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Wash dishes and put away
  • Clean refrigerator of expired food & wipe down appliances
  • Vacuum and mop kitchen floor
  • Wipe down bathroom counters, clean toilet, mop floor
  • Laundry including wash, dry, fold, put away
  • Dust household furniture, polish mirrors and glass 
  • Weekly linen change including sheets and towels
  • Maintain an overall safe and clean living space
*All cleaning products and tools to be used in the clients home must be provided by the client for the supportive care provider to use in their home, including laundry detergent/fabric sheets, if desired.