Social Health and Exercise
I often arrange outings for my clients to local events suitable for their interests and abilities, such as group meetings, social activities, outdoor recreation, walking and short shopping excursions. Exercise, to the degree that is tolerated by and comfortable for the client, is highly encouraged. Remaining socially engaged is, by far, a significant component of wellness. Clients are encouraged and motivated in their pursuit of social activities whenever feasible. Whenever possible, neighborhood walking or wheelchair excursions will be provided on a regular basis.
Types of sitter, companion and socialization activities:
  • Friendly and engaging conversations
  • Neighborhood walks
  • Empathetic listening
  • Facebook
  • Arts and crafts
  • Outdoor activities, gardening
  • Coordination of social functions and visits, host guests
  • Assistance to write letters and read newspaper, books, magazines and mail aloud
  • Assistance with social media
  • Facilitate communication with other family members and health care professionals